I'm a Louisiana based wedding and elopement photographer. My goal is to always encourage couples to pursue creating a wedding day that feels completely them, whether it's a wedding locally or something more intimate with just the two of you in the desert. I love love, and capturing the connection you have with your honey gets me stoked. The way we look at the ones we love most is something special and I want to fill your home with photographs of those sweet glances, spicy smirks, and joyful laughs. These images are important, so I do not take my job lightly. Documenting love is a tremendous honor. It's crazy to think that one-day my photographs could be the ones your grandkids stumble upon in an old shoebox. How rad is that?! These images I create are significant, so let's get together and create some magic that you can look back on for years to come.


Maggie Bradshaw

Professional third wheel. 

I've been traveling my entire life, it is something I am incredibly passionate about. For years I have had couples express their desire to elope or have an intimate wedding elsewhere but not know where to begin. This is why I have decided to merge my experience with traveling and my wedding knowledge together. Taking others along on adventures with me is beyond rewarding. Let's create an experience you'll never forget. 


Like I mentioned, I love love and this is why. My husband Jordan is my best friend and number one adventure partner. You might not see him much during your wedding planning process with me but if you decide to go elsewhere for your big day he's probably playing a major role. He is a pro at finding hidden gems, and an expert on off-roading trails. Between the two of us, I can promise you are in good hands.

The ultimate travel buddy.

I practice Leave No Trace ethics in the outdoors during recreation and work. I also teach my couples how to incorporate these ethics into their wedding day. My goal is that every couple walks away from their time with me becoming a better steward of the land we get to enjoy. And just maybe, they'll pass on the new knowledge to someone they know next time they are in the outdoors! 

Leave No Trace.

Besides traveling and love... I also dig long roadtrips, the American West, chocolate chip cookies, and my Subaru. Also fun fact, I don't own a TV. Sorry in advance if I can't talk about shows with you. :P And as much as I love traveling, I truly do adore where I grew up in Louisiana. Culture is beautiful, and we have some of the greatest culture here in the deep south.

A little extra stuff..

Allow me to capture the memories, your experience, and all the joy you feel in life... so that generations to come can feel it too.

Your special moments deserve to be passed down.