One thing that I say often is that it's extremely important for me to always stay traveling. Whether it's work related or simply leisure I like to stay on the go. Below is my current travel schedule, and if you would love to see yourself with photographs in a location I am heading to, let me know! Or, if you don't see a location on the schedule but have an idea in mind don't hesitate to fill me in. Let's meet up and create some magic!! 

2024 Dates


Let's do the dang thing!

• May | San Juan Mountains 
• July | San Juan Mountains
• SEPT | Colorado - Alaska - Utah
• October | San Juan Mountains - Utah
• New Year 2024 | San Juan Mountains - Utah

Allow me to capture the memories, your experience, and all the joy you feel in life... so that generations to come can feel it too.

Your special moments deserve to be passed down.