It's an idea that feels impossible, but I am here to help. Let's take that vision you have inside your mind and make it a reality. I’m here along the way, as your biggest supporter, experience creator, and photographer. 

Let's Go

Eloping or choosing to have an intimate wedding day is a concept that is unfamiliar in the South. You hear the word elopement, and a thought that isn't very realistic pops into your mind. It isn't about sneaking off to marry your lover and it doesn't have the same negative attachments that it might have had years ago. It's a celebration that has been redefined. Elopements are simply about not compromising what you and your significant other want for your big day. They are a purposefully small wedding experience that creates a day for couples to focus completely on what is happening. It's an experience without pressed expectations, and the entire goal is to eliminate unwanted obligation that we sometimes feel within the big wedding industry. Ultimately though, this non-traditional route allows a couple to be completely wrapped up in one another with limited distractions. Promise over production... Sometimes we see these grand wedding days, where at the end, the couple hasn't even had the chance to soak in what's happening or have a quick conversation. 

Different Approach To Your Big Day 


How do I pick where to elope?

Sit down with your partner and answer questions like, what type of landscape do you want to be surrounded by? Is there a place that already has special meaning to us? What season is ideal? Once you start finding answers to these questions I will help you with location options based off of what your answers are. I want to stand alongside you and help out when it comes to all of the decisions that come with elopement planning. The goal is to make this experience as stress free as possible. 

Does an elopement mean no family or friends? 

I truly believe that the word elopement has been redefined. Elopements now are more about prioritizing the intimacy and experience of your wedding day. I think 100% family can be written into an elopement day. As long as each guest attending has the same mindset as you and your lover. Knowing that the day isn't about specific details or strict timelines.. that this wedding day is completely about you and your love story. So, absolutely bring your family along if that is important to you! 

Why do you recommend Colorado for an elopement day? 

Besides the adventure, stunning views, and variety in seasons to choose from... Colorado is an incredibly easy state to marry in. You don't need an officiant to marry because CO has self-solemnization ceremonies and additional bonus there is no waiting period to use your marriage license once you pick it up. 

If you are interested in eloping in CO, reach out! I know countless of hidden gems locations and all the details of what it looks like to marry in this beautiful state. 

We really would like to elope solo, but having our family included is still important. Is there a way we can still include them in our special day?

Sometimes a couple wants to travel for their elopement day, but family/friends cannot. Or a couple would like to elope solo but still include their loved ones. There are ways to include your family even when they can't join along in person. One easy way is to have loved ones write letters for you to open up on your day. You can include this directly into your ceremony, or opt to set time out of the day to sit and read them together. Your family can also make videos to send to you the day of your wedding, sending a toast your way to enjoy when you pop the champagne. There are other options to include them, and I always help couples when navigating this aspect of their day. Family is important, and if you desire to include them we will figure it out! 

I have no clue where to begin in this process. How will you help me out during the planning process? 

I am going into this thing as way more than just your photographer. I will help you track down that ideal location, help create the schedule, and then document all of it in the end. On top of that I also provide information on how to structure your ceremony, activities for the day of, and checklists to help out with packing/planning. I will also be mindful of small things you might miss, like having extra supplies, snacks, and keeping you informed of any permits you may need for your day. 

 So, we say our vows and take a few photos and that's it? 

Absolutely not! I am a firm believer that your wedding day should be a full day. There's no reason to wrap it all up after vows and a few portraits. I give you a list of recommended activities to enjoy together on your elopement day. You can conquer a 4x4 trail, soak in a hotspring, enjoy a hike together,  or even take a helicopter ride! On top of whatever activity you pick to enjoy together, you can also still have a first dance mountain side or take a moment during the day to pop champagne to toast to a wonderful life together! You will have a full incredible day together and you will be able to bring me along to document every second too! 

What do we do for our actual ceremony or do we even have a ceremony?

Yes you will still have a ceremony! You can hire a local officiant to conduct your ceremony and work with them beforehand to cater the ceremony to what best fits you. Or if you can opt to marry in a state where you can self solemnize. Which basically means you can marry yourself! If you went this route, I send you a fun little guide giving you options for how you can structure your self solemnization ceremony. Self solemnization ceremonies are some of my absolute favorite because they allow for so much vulnerability and intimacy.

Do I have to get eloped or have my intimate wedding out of Louisiana? 

You can have your elopement where ever you would like. It can be miles away in the mountains of Colorado or just a few miles down the road from where you grew up under a big beautiful oak tree. All that matters is you pick a place that either has meaning to you, is a place you can envision starting your forever, and a place that you can be fully present to commit your lives together. 

Who is an elopement right for?

An elopement is right for the couple who wants a wedding day completely focused around them from start to finish. It's for the couple that doesn't see themselves when they see the big wedding day industry on social media. For the couple that thinks of family involved in a wedding day, and that thought brings tough feelings up. There's a lot of couples that just don't see a large wedding day working well for them, but don't know what else to do. An elopement may be the answer for them.

Allow me to capture the memories, your experience, and all the joy you feel in life... so that generations to come can feel it too.

Your special moments deserve to be passed down.