Does this look like somewhere you could say "I do?"

You can go solo or take close family and friends along. It can happen two hours down the road from where you grew up under an oak covered in moss or halfway across the world. To me elopements are just about the mindset, it’s about pursuing a day that is intentionally small to shift all focus back to the reason this is even happening in the first place.. love. 

Elopements are becoming a way for couples to escape the details and focus more on the two of them. It can be two full days of running around in a new place with your love, and then saying your vows to make that location the most special place in your story. Or, it can be done in a familiar place that you’ve grown to love so much over time. Elopements help couples escape the consumerism and expectations of a traditional wedding day. It’s not the option for everyone, but it is an option that some are searching for without really knowing. 

Get ready for an amazing experience. 

Contact me and start communicating your vision and what you and your person love. I want ALL the details!


You pick a general location and date! 


I get to work on the details of the day. Figure out if permits are needed, vendors, and create a list for you to dig through. 


You dig through my list and pick your specific spot and ideal vendors if needed. We begin to creating the overall vision for the big day.


Wedding day arrives. I bring the snacks, supplies you may have forgot, and document the entire wonderful day all while making sure I am caring for you along the way.


You get your images back to relive the special day over and over again. 


Creating and capturing experiences.

There's a lot of questions that come with the idea of eloping. In the south, we come from a background of heavy traditions. Odds are, you don't know anyone close to you who's eloped before. You might wonder how do I pick a location? Do I need special permission? How will I find a florist? Well, I got you covered. 

Here's how it works.

Elopements seem like a solo venture, but I am here every step of the way.

You get back images that take you right back to that special feeling and incredible moment.

No seating charts, strict timelines, or heavy expectations. It can be as simple as you want.  

Let's get real. Eloping isn't for everyone, but it is for someone. There are couples out there looking for a day that sounds like what I am talking about. A day maybe with no guests or just ten. A day that's thousands of miles from home, with mountains as their backdrop. It never felt like an option before, but I am here to say it is an option. It's a lot of pressure straying from tradition, but I am in your corner to help you out if that's the route you want to go.  

You dream it up.
I help bring it to life.

Unique to you.

Allow me to capture the memories, your experience, and all the joy you feel in life... so that generations to come can feel it too.

Your special moments deserve to be passed down.