Elopement Photographer Introduction

I’ll be honest, I really didn’t know if I needed to write an introductory blog post about being an elopement photographer. I already have an about me section on my website, and if you landed here I would assume you probably have made it there as well. It felt silly not doing some type of introduction to the blog though. And then again, my about me is literally about me.. not about why this blog exists. Why am I creating this blog? What can you gain from it? Who is this blog geared towards? Well there ya go, there’s the reason for this first blog post.Silverton Colorado - Maggie Bradshaw Photo - Elopement

What To Expect…

I am creating this space to provide even more detailed information on elopements and intimate weddings. Odds are, you don’t know anyone close to you that has gotten eloped. Which makes navigating how to plan an elopement a little tricky. You may even throw out the entire idea when you realize you don’t know where to start. That’s where I come in handy. I am here for my Southern couples looking to get married how they want, despite what tradition tells them they have to do. There are not a specific set of rules to follow when getting married and there are a lot of couples floating around out there that just don’t fit the wedding mold they are seeing in the South. I’m here hollering, THAT’S OKAY! Give me your trust and I will craft a wedding day experience that will blow your mind.

This blog will also fill up with pretty past elopements and weddings that I have had the pleasure photographing. I’ll have those fun educational posts, but I also really hope to show off some of my incredible couples. This will give future couples visual inspiration but also allow me to communicate what all your day could look like. Others things to expect when landing on the blog are recaps of trips I have been on, insight on enjoying the outdoors, and even some rad posts on why I love my hometown of Lake Charles. Because even though you can find me in the mountains or desert pretty regularly, I also still do adore where I have grown up. 

What Will You Gain…

Knowledge, Inspiration, and Curiosity. I hope you come away from this blog with more knowledge on what elopements can look like. Maybe I will change Southern viewpoints about elopements, to show that just because you have ten or no guests it doesn’t mean it’s any less of a celebration. Maybe you’ll walk away more inspired to choose an intentionally small wedding day. I hope to instill a curiosity in others about elopements, from what exactly happens during a full day elopement to also wondering how to execute it properly.

Aside from elopements though, I will also touch on traveling. I hope to inspire others to want to travel more and instill a curiosity in them about these wild places in the American West. I love the American West and I hope others fall in love as well.

Maggie Bradshaw Photo - Elopement

Who Should Read?

Anyone and everyone! Seriously though, I hope a lot of different people end up on this blog. Those who disagree with elopements but are wanting to know more. People who are trying to figure out if an elopement is right for them. That couple that is itching to travel more but wants some guidance before their first camping trip. A single gal about to embark on her first solo road-trip cross country. I am here for everyone!!

There’s a lot I will cover on this blog, and I hope you join along. I can’t wait to write for you!

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Maggie Bradshaw Photo - ElopementMaggie Bradshaw Photo - Elopement





Elopement Photographer Introduction

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